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Dr. Mauve Perle Tahat [download résumé]

Mauve grew up in the border towns of Easton, Pennsylvania and Phillipsburg, New Jersey, inheriting the weirdness of each state, respectively. 

Her work is an exploration of the intersecting identities in the global working class, composition and subject position, and resisting carceral measures in order to save the planet from the extinction epoch known as The Anthropocene.

I have accumulated 15 years of experience with classroom and community teaching and am now focused on instructional design and critical pedagogies. Through independent publishing and organizing I learned about the power of a collective. A trained dancer, aerobics teacher, and yoga instructor, I think a lot about embodiment. From the biker bar to retail racks; from Dunkin' Donuts to yoga studios; Shoprite to Shop & Shop; teaching in the charter school and the university; the UN to the YMCA: wherever you go: there you are.

My doctoral dissertation, “Specters of Racial Capitalism: Carceral Witnessing and Reparative Reading in Contemporary American Prison Life Writing,” defended with distinction in 2022, was inspired by years of engaging with my community and learning about the intricacies of policy and ordinary life.

My formal education includes training in pedagogy, culture studies, literary histories and American traditions.


Educational Experiences

Indiana University of Pennsylvania:

PhD, 2022 [with distinction]

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania:

M.A. English, 2015

Lehigh University:

M.Ed. Globalization and Educational Change, 2012

Centenary University:

B.A. English, 2010

Mauve lives in the outskirts of Pittsburgh raising her two young children and teaching locally. Her first book on carcerality, subject position, and environment is forthcoming this year.

Book Length Project 

Biospheres of Carcerality: A Practice of Reading the Literature of the Anthropocene

[Bloomsbury Press, forthcoming September 2024]

Recent Publication: "Ghastly Renderings: Carceral Literary Studies and the Intricacies of Space-Time"

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